The Boy's Life of Bobby Jones 
By O.B. Keeler

The Boy’s Life of Bobby Jones captures the essence of Jones' boyhood life. It carries Bobby Jones through his frail boyhood, to his magnificent manhood, from the days when he had his first, specially made clubs, to the day when at Merion, he won his final star in the crown of golfdom.

O.B. Keller has been closely associated with him as publicity manager. He knew Bobby when, as a spoiled and willful boy golfer, he lost his temper and flung his clubs around. He knows him today, when he is known as the most self-controlled, well-balanced golfer in the public eye. He knew him when he accomplished something in the sporting world never before done by anyone. He won, in a single year, the four big events in the annals of golf – The National Amateur, The National Open, the British Amateur and the British Open. It crowned many years of brilliant playing, and he announced he was retiring from tournament playing.

Now you can add The Boy’s Life of Bobby Jones to your library and gain a glimpse into the legendary golfer’s life – from boy to man.

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